INTRODUCTION The aim of this framework is to provide a brief, functional overview of the different DeFi ecosystem functions performed by various persons and how they might be regulated. Clarity on all the different ‘DeFi functions’ is crucial as a starting point for constructive…
Chain Governance vs Social Governance & Why They Must be Handled Very Differently
a DAO by any other name would smell as schweet?
Intro & Call to Action The SEC's new securities exchange / ATS amendment proposal has been published, alongside a strenuous dissent from Commissioner…
INTRO: I AM LAZY BUT CREATIVE A lot of lawyers are now talking about NFT IP & licensing issues. I’m not much of an IP lawyer or NFT collector, but I did…
essentialism vs. functionalism, redux
Note: This piece is co-authored by me and Brooklyn Law School student Sydney Abualy. INTRO Let’s talk about the ‘Wyoming DAO Law’ that has been…
Let’s assume for the sake of argument that some blockchain token, either pre-launch or post-launch, is held to be or represent a security. What next? I…
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